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Pic a Pal Pet Store 4030 Hickory Blvd. Granite Falls N.C. 28630 We have pets and supplies Sugar Gliders,Monkeys,Tail-less Rats,Hamsters,Birds,Lizards,Spiders,Scorpions,Snakes,Rabbits,Feeder Rats and Mice,etc..... tue.- friday 9am to 7pm sat. 4pm to 8pm sunday 4pm to 7pm 828-313-1234 www.picapalpetstore.com come and check us out our monkey George will be there. :) Pic"a"Pal pet store. We are usda certified. We sell black cap capuchins
very sweet and loving 8 weeks old on bottle and diapers $6500.marmosets are $2600 Rhesus Macaques are $4500. You can go to youtube and search pic"a"pal and see videos. We also have lots of pets and exotics. The monkeys come with a starter kit food ,cage, toys, ect... 828-396-9412 Email Me Here
NO SCAMS PICK UP ONLY! www.picapalpetstore.com
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thanks :) cash and pick up.
828-313-1234 store 828-396-9412 home

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