akc basset hounds! Due August 28th 2013!!

Miss Bessie is (as always) doing wonderful and healthy as ever, so we are expecting a large litter! In the past she has had mahogany and white and Red and white puppies. No Tri colored but it could happen! We live out in the country where our dogs are able to roam as they please and they love it! We are fortunate enough to be able to be around our dogs day and night since we are able to have them tag along with us to work and we allow them to take over our house, including our bed! Both Bessie and Bacon go to the vet regularly, and have had no troubles other than the common porcupine quills! They have been tested for heart and Lyme disease, both negative. They are current on their vaccinations and rabies shots. Bacon and Bessie are very lean machines that have shown no signs of any common diseases or conditions that are found in the Basset Hound Breed. I have my vet check yearly at their elbows and hips and he said they are of perfect health, these guys run and jump and eat like champs! We feed our dogs venison, cottage cheese, turkey necks & livers, & brown rice. We have found that it is much cheaper to feed them all natural foods than to spend an insane amount for a 15 pound bag of organic dog food, and it works great, our Bassets' build shows that this diet works. The puppies will be kept inside for the majority of their stay with us, when they are 6 weeks old we start to let them out 15 minutes after every meal to get them used to a potty training schedule. In the past we have started the puppies on a diet similar to Bacon and Bessie's, but the puppies will also be given Goat's milk and some dry dog food just so they are used to it for when they go to their new homes. Our little boy who is 5 years old teaches the puppies lots of patience and tolerance during the time they are with us! We also have our little fur ball kitties who think they are dogs that will cuddle and play with the pups as well. We keep the puppies with us until they are 8 weeks of age, they will have a vet check up, vaccinations, de worming before they leave our home. I register the puppies once they are 2 weeks of age. Please contact me with any questions you may have! I will post photos once they reach 1 week old.

Sarah Short 218-243-2099
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Here are photos of Bacon and Bessie, also photos of puppies from past litters!

1 Female is being held for Shannon and her family!

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