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Since 1988 we have been servicing the Peel-Halton region.

AcornPro Offers Asphalt Sealing and repairs for Residential and Commercial property's.


The Asphalt area will be complete free of any dirt build up and blown down, The grass area will be trimmed back leaving all asphalt to be exposed and sealed properly.

Cracks & Pot holes

Using our state of the art equipment we will remelt the asphalt and fuse it back together again, then smoothing it over to look as though no work was even done, simply leaving a driveway that looks refreshing and new.

The Sealing

We will use the best product on the market, No questions, Using edge boards to protect your garage, French curbs, walkways and sidewalk for a nice clean no mark job, every precaution is taken to ensure the right job is done. A nice coat of seal is put down leaving a job that looks great for years to come. Our recommendations are, seal once a year for three years and only once every two to three years after that.

Asphalt Ramps

Yes we can build ramps were the asphalt has sunk leading to the garage, using hot asphalt and compacting down the asphalt solid, Then blending in to your existing asphalt so it looks smooth and unnoticed.

Our commitment

We know that we are Brampton's leaders and if your not happy we will re-spray at no extra cost to you.

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