zarina's listings
Pic Headline Price
Muslim Clothing n/a
ritzy three piece Afghan dress $99.99
Hadia Afghan Kuchi Punjabi Style Dress $89.99
pakol (afghan wool hat) $14.99
Nashwa Belly Dancing Outfit $59.99
Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian & Yemeni (Arab) Clothing for Men & Women n/a
six piece hand painted bowl set $184.99
Military and Police Uniforms, Patches and other Accessories/Supplies n/a
Jaji (colah) Turban Hat $49.99
Pashtoon (Pashtun) Style Pakol Hat From Afghanistan & Pakistan $19.99
Embroidered Cream Color Pakol $19.99
Beautiful Dress (available In Pink And Blue) n/a
Belly Dancing Clothes And Jewelry n/a
Arab & Islamic Clothing For Role Plays & Movies n/a
Afghan Commando Patch n/a
Cleopatra Headdress In Silver Color n/a
Afghanistan Car Number Plates $50
Afghanistan Formal Dresses $200
Shemagh Arab Scarves (Keffiyeh) $14.99
Belly Dancing Clothes And Jewelry n/a
Afghan Dress $199
Afghan Clothing From Afghanistan For Role Plays & Movies n/a
Tribal Jewelry From Afghanistan n/a
uzbeki fur hats $36
Afghani Dress From Afghanistan $250
Iraqi Police Uniform For Sale! $51.6
Afghan Police Uniform For Sale! $51.6
afghan army uniform for sale! $64.99
Turkmen Kerlik Baby Dress $99
Men's Muslim Travel Prayer Kit From $34.99
Afghan Dress From Afghanistan $219
Islamic Clothing (Arab Clothing) n/a
Belly Dancing Clothes And Jewelry n/a
Shemagh Arab Scarves (Keffiyeh) $14.99
Hats From Afghanistan n/a
tajiki style hat $14.99
Embroidered Women's Shirts $45
Karakul Hat $90
Afghan Chador (head Scarf) $10
Raw Cut And Unpolished Lapis Lazuli n/a
Beautiful Shemagh Scarves (Keffiyeh) $15
Pashminas $30
Ahmad Shah Massoud Stamp from Afghanistan $5
Islamic Clothing at n/a
Clothing from Afghanistan n/a
Hamid Karzai Stamp from Afghanistan $2
Shawl Banaa Rasee (شل بنارسی) n/a
Zarina's n/a
Kuchi-Punjabi Tribal Style Dress n/a
Kuchi Style Tribal Dresses n/a
Traditional Formal Dresses from Afghanistan n/a
Zarina's n/a
Payraan tumbaan literally means shirt and pants $26.99
Turban n/a
pakol - wool hats $14.99
Chapan (Coat) n/a
Dismaal (Men's scarf) n/a
Patu (kaish) Great for keeping warm on a cold evening or day n/a
Heart Shaped Lapis Lazuli Silver Pendant n/a
Afghanistan Map Rug n/a
Collectible - Colorful Trucks (Lorry) of Afghanistan and Pakistan n/a
Burqa $50
zarina's central asian & middle eastern clothes & fine goods n/a
Lapis Lazuli (Rock Collection) from Afghanistan $14.99
Afghan Dress $269