Scorpions, Spiders $10.99!!! Super Sale

We currently have a nice selection of Emperor Scorpions, Rosehair Tarantulas, Pink Toe Tarantulas and Mexican Red Knees at unbelievable prices. We offer FedEx overnight delivery to your door. We guarantee live arrival.

Emperors - $17.99 (this week only)
Rosehairs - $10.99
Pink Toes - $14.99
Mexican Red Knees - $34.99
Mexican Fire Leg - $35.99
Cobalt Blue - $34.99

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Email, call, or text. More pics available, just ask.

Voracious Reptiles Inc.

Please be aware of your own local wildlife laws and regulations. We will not knowingly violate any Federal or State wildlife laws.

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Price $10.99
Location Orlando, Florida
Category Frogs
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