She Remembered Her Path Is A Poem/Book By Teresa Rosemond -- $15.00

terrirosebud Nov 05 2023

"Reading in the bath
She Remembered Her Path
My holiday special: Free postage and handling.
She Remembered Her Path is a book/poem written by me, Teresa Rosemond. A personally autographed paperback copy can be purchased on eBay for $15. I am suspending postage and handling for the holidays.
This offer ends December 31, 2023.
Weekly Quips are published on Instagram under teresa13579
on Facebook under She Remembered Her Path.
Hope you will read and enjoy them.
View cartoon ads on YouTube under the book name. I would love to receive your comments and criticisms.
Hard copies can be purchased online at Barnes & Noble ( and
You can send them to me (Post Office Box 11304, Atlanta, Georgia 30310)
and I will autograph and return the book to you.
Enjoy the book also on Kindle.
Thank you, Teresa.

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