Male Waterslager Canary ,

abdul13 member 2 years
I have 5 male waterschlager $ 70 each and I have three male and six female canary $ 500...

Cockatiel Breeding Pair

birdlover12 member 4 years
Breeding pair of cockatiels, pied male 3.5 yo and pearl female 2.5yo. They are friendly when not raising chicks. Asking...

White Bellied Caiques Babies

bluevrod80 member 3 years
I have one sweet white bellied caique baby for sale. Only 6 months old. Asking $1600. If interested text ...

Tame Hand Fed Baby Cockatiels

riverfieldaviary member 6 years
Absolutely gorgeous, hand fed, home raised baby cockatiels available in a variety of mutations. They are friendly and curious by...

Quaker Parrots

snndghtfdh9 member 3 years
Blue opaline $450 and green opaline $350 very friendly hand tamed DNA not tested, green opaline have a dislocated wing...

English Budgie Babies

freedom65 member 11 years
Very sweet English Budgie babies available in Alexandria. These are 100% pure English, not American Budgies....

Canary. Red Factor And Timbrado

rockynguyen member 9 years
Only red factor and Timbrado available. Prices $60 to $75 each. Text me at to buy pleases dont call me...

Green Cheek Conure Pair

moehawk member 10 years
I am selling my green cheek conure pair the female is a high red suncheek and the male is a...

Bbs English Orpington Cockerels

mhppn116 member 2 days
Two 9-month old English Orpington Blue/Black/Splash cockerels for sale. One is black; the other is blue. Will sell separately. Pick...

Young Green Cheek Conure

ourbirds member 3 years
This baby green cheek conure has beautiful coloring and was tame, but since I have not been able to spend...