Purebred Holland Lop Proven Fox Doe From Great Lines!

slhtmlc3ral member 3 years
proven fox doe great mom, easy breeder Full pedigree Line: LOL, Diegel, Brocks Fallen Ear, Fraine Farm. DOB : 0 sweet and mellow. All my...

Bonded Holland Lop Bunny Pair (Neutered & Spayed)

nmusa member 3 years
We have a 3 year old brown neutered buck and 2 year old white/gray spayed doe that we need to...

Holland Lop Buck

acumbow member 3 years
Cute little black bunno with white booplesnoot in Wake. Hes a 4mo Holland Lop buck, and ready to go to his...

Vm Holland Lop

badgerswaifu member 7 years
Buck (male) Blue Has full pedigree 8months old Not proven Beautifully stunning blue eyes! Prince George, VA...

Vm Holland Lop Doe

Beautiful black tort vm doe, about 2 years old. We used to breed Holland lops, and had to sellout due to...

Holland Lop Doe

vhmltc1823 member 1 month
Hello! Im selling my proven cream colored holland lop breeder. (Doe) Sweet and friendly! Follow us at Heart for Lops...

Beautiful 1 Year Old Blue Eyed Blue Otter Girl With Papers

faramir member 10 years
We are downsizing our rabbitry and are looking for a great home for this sweet girl. Her name is Willow...

Custom Wooden Rabbit Cages

bunnyblueeyes member 1 year
Custom built solid wood rabbit cages. Good used condition. I have 13 cages 2 different sizes. 9 cages are...

Holland Lop

lowkey412 member 2 years
Male Holland Lop. 1.8 years old. Neutered and chipped. Broken Chestnut in color. Benjamin would like a new home where...

Sale Now! Blue Eyes! Holland Lops

peacehill2017 member 7 years
Beautiful Holland Lops (HL) are sweet, adorable bunnies! Ready to give you their love. Blue eyed white(BEW) HL are rare, and we...