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Tame Baby Cockatiels!

lauraslittleparrots member 14 years
We have some baby cockatiels that will be ready in the next month. Waiting for dna to get back so...

Young Cockatiel Female

khodrsaab member 8 years
3 month old female, very friendly , pick up only, city of cudahy ca 90201 ....

Young Cockatiels

maryshwartz1 member 5 years
handfeeding available nice colors lovebirds 80-100 cockatiels 100-140 depending on the color text ...

For Sale Cocktail Bird

mbird member 1 year
albino with red eyes being hand fed and hand bred. very healthy. Message me if you are interested....

Young Cockatiels

aviari503 member 10 years
For sale young and healthy cockatiel one an half y/o ready to breed They are not a pet They were...

Beautiful Cockatiels Hand Feed For More Inf

avianlife4u member 2 years
Beautiful cockatiels hand feed for more Inf ...

Cockatiels And Lovebirds For Sale

mrcslp1037 member 3 months
I have several cartoons and I am narrowing down Cockatiels 180 each Lovebirds 160 each...

Cockatiel Pairs And Singles

michchin member 15 years
I have a few pairs of cockatiels available. They are pearls, pieds , and cinnamon pearl pieds . Asking...

10-Week Old Baby Cockatiels Ready For Their Forever Home!

tweetofleet member 2 years
Two 10- week old Lutino babies. Parent raised but we have handled them. Gender unknown. Ready for their forever homes!...

Emerald Cockatiel Mutation And More

millos61 member 7 years
Beautiful Emerald wf female 4 available regular Emerald male and female, wf pearl Emerald, fallow male ,resesive silver...