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Iso Female Hahns Macaw

birdsofafeather member 3 years
I'm looking for a female Hahns macaw. Mature. Open to trades. Willing to pay up to $1000 depending on age....

Cage Born Female European Goldfinch

nssnprsqf member 6 years
2021 European Goldfinch for sale. She is cage born with close band and she has nested in the last two...

Iso Caique White Bellied

cbclhav1 member 5 years
ISO White bellied Caique. I am looking for a White Bellied Caique. I can hand feed. Please send information on...

Mccage X-Large Double Flight Cage

nkkrzht8784 member 7 years
New McCage 64" double flight cage with divider. Makes two large cages or one long flight cage. Comes with plastic...

Male And Female Pair Rainbow Parakeets

littlehomestead5 member 6 years
One solid yellow female with albino eyes, and male rainbow parakeet. Have been breeding and not provided a box bc...

Colored Aracari Breedres $1450

mrochka1 member 13 years
2 years old semi tame colored Aracari breeders .Picture perfect birds....

Lovebird Pair, One Single Lovebird Female - Very Pretty Birds

spaniel1983 member 5 years
I am offering for sale some really nice birds. Right now I have a pair of Lovebirds and a single...

Waterslager Canary

placanaries member 1 year
Pure blood line Belgian Waterslager Canary. Birds are healthy, active and male. Feel free to contact me for any...

Bourkes Parakeets, Many Colors Available

maryb6368 member 6 years
Lovely, healthy, gentle Bourkes Parakeets. I raise the beautiful pink Rubino color birds as well as Opaline, Ino, Normal,...

African Grey Parrot Male Tame

brandon0914 member 6 years
African grey male 8 year old tame and talk good pets home He has a ring with his breeder information...