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Cockatiel Breeding Pair - Proven

mnoutdoors member 7 years
Proven and very prolific cockatiel breeding pair available. - 5 year old cinnamon minimal pied male - talks and whistles songs. -...

Myna Birds For Sale. Common Indian Mynas, Hand Fed Babies

sonofadolphin member 19 years
hand fed common baby indian mynas avaliable. ...

Shaftail Finches, Goldian Finches, Canarie

crsrvrgszz5 member 3 years
4 Shaft Finches - 75$ each 1 Mosac Canarie - 100$ 2 Goldian Finches (1 silver, 1 green) - 250$...

Iso Female Hahns Macaw

birdsofafeather member 3 years
I'm looking for a female Hahns macaw. Mature. Open to trades. Willing to pay up to $1000 depending on age....

Two Parakeets For Sale With Cage

seanken member 5 months
I am selling my two parakeets with large cage and toys...

Peach Faced Lovebird

mypet member 8 years
Lovebirds Don't Require a Partner In fact, a solitary lovebird will bond deeply with a person who invests time and patience...


luisfrocha member 2 years
Peach face babe rozicolor 2023 pm for more information ...

Free To Good Home: 2 Geese

pchckh8552 member 3 months
Needs to go to a good home in the country. Male and female...

Opaline Fischer Lovebirds

mglmndz7004 member 7 years
Have a few females. Young not tame. 200 ea . Can ship weather permitting....

Horseman Pouters

parlorman member 6 years
Nice healthy Horseman Thief Pouters available. Have mostly blue bars but also have a couple red bars and grizzle...