Singer Canaries

chubbitorojo86 member 3 years
Young canaries male and females ready for breeding available for more information text me ...

Japanese Budgie

millet member 1 year
I have several young crested parakeets. They are all from a split of Japanese Hagoromos. Can be bred to produce...

Hand Fed White Cockatiel Baby

wngxqn3476 member 11 days
Perfect white cockatiel baby available. Hand fed and tame. Very healthy and docile. The rehoming fee is $268.Thanks...


bskkrg8281 member 10 months
4 Green back Gouldian male finches for sale or exchange some with males...

European Goldfinch For Sale Healthy Male

mostaffa member 3 years
European goldfinch for sale healthy male looking for new home...

Indian Ringneck Pair

michaelssanche member 2 years
Hello Im rehoming my Indian ringneck pair they are 2 years old blue one is male also a clear tail...

Diamond Firetail - Regular, Cinnamon And Silver - Finches - Sold

spikefluffy member 3 years
I have Diamond Firetails - regular, cinnamon, silver available. All are very healthy. All of my birds receive proper care...

Baby Green Cheek Conure Hand Feeding

lovebirdz member 3 years
2 Baby pineapple green cheek conure for hand feeding. Must have experienced hand feeding birds. Feeding 3x a day. 3-4...

Baby Cockatiels Hand Feeding

lilipadwingz member 4 years
20 baby cockatiels for hand feeding. Must have experienced hand feeding birds. They are around 4-6 weeks old. Hand feeding...

Sweet Tame Congo African Grey

reek member 1 year
Her name is Bo. Tame & Steps up. Congo African Grey Female. No plucking. Loves to talk, dance and hangout....