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Sun Conure Hand Fed

avianrbp member 3 years
They are 1-2 months old hand fed NO DNA , Nor shipping $250.00 each...

Bird Rescue

athenasmom member 4 years
Hello this is a bird rescue for anyone that doesn't have time or money for there babies anymore. We have...

Blue Baby Quakers Almost Weaned/Be In Fairmont Wv The 27Th

heavelywings1fb member 7 months
1 normal blue 1 opaline blue $27 turquoise gcc nearly weaned 275 I am located in Bracey Virginia 23919...

Young Green Quaker Parrot Pair

lilipadwingz member 5 years
Young green quaker pair . Male and female . Has dna papers. NOT TAME. Not aggressive. 1 yr old. Bonded....

Blue Front Amazon Breeding Pair Very Proven

rvartpots4me member 14 years
Last of my good pairs. Very proven over the years 12 year old breeding pair of old school blue...

Looking To Buy Baby Larger Parrots At Whole Sale Macaws Grey Etc

malik122 member 3 years
Looking to buy baby parrots handfeeding macaws greys eclectus sun conures caiques cockatoos any larger parrot at wholesale prices I...

Amazon Parrot Looking For New Home

nambi3307 member 3 years
12 years old dna pending Presumed male will step up but needs work or good breeder bird Comes with cage fee slightly...

Blue Pallid Quakers Available

tropicf202 member 8 months
I have 2 hand blue pallid Quakers looking for forever homes, asking $500 each or 900 for the pair as...

Looking For Quaker Parrot Male

naldo157 member 4 years
Am looking for an adult male quaker hss to be albino/ white or yellow/ lutino and must be an...

Quaker Parrot Light Blue Female With Dna

urt member 4 years
Light Blue Quaker Parrot Female with DNA She's going to be 2 years old in may She's not a pet she's not...