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Breeder Pair

wingsovermd member 6 months
Will be available in 1-2 months Firm on price Howdy I have this beautiful pair of Indian ringneck up for discussion. (rare...

Cobalt Blue Quaker Parrot

maxiscool member 3 years
Very friendly and talkative. Its a boy and I call him Kawalski but he hasnt learned his name yet so...

Indian Ringnecks

markaddo member 2 years
I want to relocate these two indian Ringnecks. Make and Female. They are skittish and breeders. I am asking for $1000...

Fully Weaned Indian Ringneck

unclippedwingsaviary member 5 years
4 month old band, DNAED Female Indian ringneck. From diseased tested parents. Very sweet very tame. She is a green...

2 Y.o. Male Derbyan Parakeet

birbly member 3 years
2 year old DNA confirmed male Derbyan parakeet. Tame, will step up. Beak is in the process of turning to...

Looking For A Opaline Female Ringneck

gmucke2003 member 16 years
Looking for a opaline female Ringneck, blue or violent...

Indian Ringnecks

spanishrosa21 member 2 years
2 years old DNA female IRN no tame . emerald violet color...

Blue Indian Ringneck

bubu member 2 years
I have a 6 month old blue INDIAN ringneck for sale. Like I said she's still a baby I don't...

Baby Ringneck Avaible

bellaaviary member 6 months
Beautiful baby ringneck blue, yellow , grey available. Call or text ...

Indian Ringneck

hamzasajid member 3 years
Turquoise blue female Age 2 years old Location Pennsylvania Allentown 18104...