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Pygmy Buck Needs New Herd

mrgrtv4037 member 2 months
It has been a hard decision, but one that has to be made. I love my goatsevery single one of...

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bottle Babies

jjjenifer member 6 years
Beautiful kids. Bucks and does available! Mothers are on milk test. Clean herd. I have both blue eyed and brown...

Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Buckling

staghornfarm member 5 years
Dalton, born late March 2023, up for discussion. Needs a herd of his very own. Mom is ND/Boer cross. Dad...

For Sale Reg Miniature Fainter Does. Blue Eyed, Proven, Most Likely Bred. Clean Herd. Utd On Deworming And Vaccines.

connie5529 member 3 years
Retirement sale of Reg. Miniature Silkie Fainters and Reg Miniature Fainters. Kids from this year and adults. All adults kidded...

Adga Nubian Doe's & Buck's Available.

travsal5k member 6 years
Super nice, ADGA Purebred nubian doe, (2) ADGA American doe's. $350 each. (1) ADGA purebred buck...

Registered Boer Does

kcampb20 member 1 year
10 month old red doe, 3 year old red dapple headed doe and 5 year old red dapple doe $400...

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

kidskingdomgoat member 7 years
Two sweet 2 month old boys75 each as wethers. $150 each as buckling....

Minnie Herding Guardian Puppies - Aussie Sheltie Collie Cattle Dog - Stay Small - Out Of Working Stock

Minnie Herding Pups available now! Our own blend out of working parents: Mini Aussie/Collie/Border Collie/Sheltie/Australian Cattle Dog. Small to...

Nigerian Dwarf/Alpine Cross Does

orwilliams member 7 years
Two Does will be ready mid-May. One doe will be ready the end of May. Black doe has blue eyes...

Adga Polled Silver Nigerian Dwarf Buck

bunnytracks member 13 years
Dreahook pm sterling silver is a polled proven buck. Friendly. Ive kept many kids from his breedings last year which...