Cane Corso Puppy For Sale

nfprfs2485 member 6 months
One female Cane Corso Puppy for Sale (Blue with Blue eyes) Sire and Dam on premises. Blue puppy is...

High Quality Chinchillas Looking For New Homes

dmvchins member 8 days
I have some high quality young chinchillas ready for pet homes. I am a hobby breeder in Fairfax, VA. I...

Akitas For Sale

butch21 member 1 year
4 Akita puppies for sale.Born My name is Clifton Smith.Phone N Selling for 300.00 Dollars....

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

tyrone3249 member 8 years
AKC registered. Dam- 24lbs @ 12" tall Sire- 31lbs @ 13" tall * Selling my AKC registered breeding pair * No pups available @...

Cane Corso/ African Boerboel

reddalexandriaa member 2 months
I have a 9month old black female cane corso African boerboel shes very protective & loves to cuddle shes real...

French Bulldog

jensedte3 member 4 months
4 years old Male Frenchie still in tact . Great temperament . Gets along with other animals, cats etc. I...

2 Males 4K 2 Merle Females 4.5K Will Be 8Weeks April 10

shunew92 member 1 year
Dont miss this opportunity to take home your new Frenchie!They will be born February 15.Lock in now because they will...

For Sale

nskgmlchost member 3 years
2 adorable lion head bunny's. White and grey Not sure about gender. Only 9 months old....

Young Green Cheek Conure

ourbirds member 3 years
This baby green cheek conure has beautiful coloring and was tame, but since I have not been able to spend...

English Budgie Babies

freedom65 member 11 years
Very sweet English Budgie babies available in Alexandria. These are 100% pure English, not American Budgies....