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Nigerian Dwarf Nanny Goat

babycakebabycake member 4 years
10 months nanny goat has been reworked and been dehorned and all her shots. She has double blue quality...

Baby Goats For Sale Nubian Pygmy Cross And Pygmy Pure Breeds.

kat88 member 4 years
We have 2 females. One is black and white pygmy pure breed and one Nubian/pygmy cross. We have 5 males....

Ags/Adga Nigerian Dwarf Wether

mttmsk7907 member 10 months
Eugene was born 1/2/2024 and has been disbudded, vaccinated, and wethered by our vet. He really likes people and...

Nigerian Dwarf Kids Adga And Ags Registered

mttms584 member 17 days
We have 2 doelings and 1 wether still available. All of our kids are disbudded and vaccinated by our...

Toy Poodles And Maltipoo For Sale

maltesekisses member 1 year
Toy poodles and Maltipoos which have been raised in the home and spoiled from birth. Their ages range from 4...

Pygmy Goat Female 6 Months

eastcoastlabs member 12 years
Brown and white female pygmy, 6 months old, friendly...

Nubian Goats, Bucks, Buckling, Does, Doelings.

kkc96 member 6 years
Nubian goat does and doelings. 2 Does in milk, 4 doelings, and one buckling. also selling my ADGA buck. All...

Mini Lamancha Doe And Doeling Mdga Registered

jsg1027 member 8 years
Mini Lamancha Doe and Doeling (her daughter) Available Mom is MDGA registered and baby can be registered as well. Please contact...

Nigerian Dwarf Bottle Babies

huckleberryrose member 1 year
Sun, Feb 11 at 4:06 PM Clean, Closed herd, Nigerian Dwarf Bottle Baby Goats. Females $250 and males $150. All of our...


vrncst5226 member 6 months
7 little baby boys for a new barn. Nubian/fainter mixs 8 weeks, lots of blue eyed and a moon spotted...