Parrotlet Babies

wahi member 3 years
5 baby parrotlets available for sale all currently hand feeding will be tamed and ready for sale in next few...

Home For Parrots

hallmarkmovie1 member 2 years
Will take in any parrots that need a new home. I have many years experience with parrots. I only have...

Wanted: Congo African Grey

melissan864 member 9 years
Looking for (sex doesn't matter) African Grey Congo parrot doesn't have to be a pet but when I...

Farm Duck For Sale

paulabluemoon member 1 year
There is nothing wrong with this duck. We just do not have time to take care of it. The duck...

One Female Parrotlet Ready For A New Home-Price Reduced!

clergywife55 member 16 years
A 8 1/2 month old green female parrotlet is ready for a new home. Message me if interested or have...

Beautiful Weaned Galah Cockatoo

saud1sos member 9 months
I have this beautiful gala cockatoo she is super gorgeous very friendly started to talk she is almost 1 year...

Wanted: Hand Fed Young Male Kakariki

kmt member 4 years
I'm looking for a healthy hand fed male KAKARIKI, if you have any available please message me with details...

Beautiful Healthy English Budgies/Haragomos And Crested Budgies

lollyloves123 member 14 years
I have 12 birds for sale . Special English budgie with mate from Sweden ( Daniel Lutolf Aviary) 2 Blue/Aqua...

Greenwing And Camelot Macaw

jffrrz5133 member 8 months
I have a male greenwing macaw about 3 years old he can be persuaded with treats but definitely prefers females....

Beautiful Young Sun Conure

tara1980 member 4 years
I have an beautiful young Sun Conure for sale.She loves attention and giving kisses.She'll come with her cage,food,and her travel...